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What is a Ragdoll?

Ragdoll cats truly deserve their name.  The name refers to the Ragdoll's tendency to "flop", relaxing all of their muscles and go limp in one's arms like a baby doll.  Ragdolls are friendly, sweet, loving, gentle, calm, and some say they have a "golden retreiver" temperament.  Ragdoll are people orientated cats, they want to take part in everything that happens in their owner's house, often following you around like a puppy dog.  These cats love to "flop" on their backs and enjoy a good tummy rub.  They love to sleep stretched out on their backs with the back legs wide apart.  Ragdolls do not display the independence and aloofness for which cats are generally known.  You will love your Ragdoll!

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We are expecting our next litter March 28th, 2018!

  • Colorpoint:  Point colored mask, ears, feet, nose leather, paw pads, and tail.  A Colorpoint has no white.
  • Mitted:  Point colored mask, ears and tail.  Legs with white mittens on the front feet, white boots on the back legs.  The chin, ruff and stomach are white.
  • Bi-Color:  Point colored ears and tail.  White inverted "V" in their mask, white legs, feet, ruff and stomach.  Nose and paw pads are white.
  • Lynx:  Overlays any one of the above patterns.  The Lynx pattern shows as tabby markings on the points.
  • Tortie:  Overlays any of the above patterns.  The Tortie pattern will generally have Red or Cream mixed with one of the other colors.  Torties are female only.

All Ragdolls are pointed cats with darker color on the ears, face and tail.
The main color of a Ragdoll is cream or white.  The kittens are born all white.   All Ragdolls have blue eyes.

What do Ragdolls look like?

Blue eyes, large and gentle, huggable, very relaxed, intelligent, affectionate.  Semi-long , soft, silky non-matting fur with very little shedding.  Tufts in the ears and in-between the toes.  Ragdolls are pointed cats with a darker color on the ears, face, and tail.

What Colors and Patterns are Ragdolls?

Our Ragdolls are available in the original siamese colors:  Seal and Blue, with an occasional Lilac and/or Chocolate.  They are available in several patterns:  Bi-color, Mitted, Colorpoint and Tortie.


  • Seal:  Body may vary from fawn to warm brown.  Points are a deep rich dark brown.

  • Blue:  Body color is ivory.  Points are blue gray.
  • Lilac:  Body color is ivory.  Points are a silvery lilac shade.
  • Chocolate:  Body color is ivory.  Points are a warm rich chocolate brown.